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Invitation of the Conference Chairman

Detlef Stolten

Dear participants,

Today, hydrogen has gained importance as an energy carrier in future transport applications as fuel cells have reached a state-of-the-art that makes them highly attractive for passenger car propulsion. Moreover, a broad range of industrial and end consumer applications will greatly profit from these technologies ensuring more efficient and environmentally sound energy services.

Employing hydrogen as storage medium, renewable electric power supply sources can be integrated into the energy sector more easily and to a greater extend.

This broad scope of fuel cell and hydrogen topics is covered by the 18th World Hydrogen Energy Conference 2010 (WHEC2010) in Essen, Germany. Under the auspices of the International Association for Hydrogen Energy (IAHE), WHEC2010 is devoted to promoting hydrogen as an energy hub aiming at a more sustainable and climate-friendly
energy economy.

This year’s event is characterised by a unique combination of scientific reporting, strategic discussion and educational programme highlights.

Prof. Dr. Detlef Stolten
Conference Chairman
Director of Institute for Fuel Cells,
Juelich Research Center

Dr. Frank-Michael Baumann

Dr. Frank-Michael Baumann

Dear participants,

North Rhine-Westphalia is the number-one energy region in Germany. The state supplies 30% of Germany’s electrical power and consumes roughly
40% of the country’s industrial electricity. International energy suppliers and power plant builders have established headquarters in North Rhine-

Successful growth of companies in the energy sector is possible only if all organisations and institutions involved - political bodies, businesses, research institutes and financial
institutions – work together in clusters. Activities devoted to development in the key NRW energy market are consolidated in the EnergieRegion.NRW and EnergieForschung.
NRW clusters. The goal is to remain the leading energy region and sharpen NRW’s profile as an excellent business and industrial location in the minds of the international

North Rhine-Westphalia is intent upon taking advantages of its opportunities in the growing market for fuel cell and hydrogen technologies as well. With its significant international
framework, the 18thWorld Hydrogen Energy Conference offers a unique opportunity to provide crucial impulses for progress in this field. The purpose of the conference is to
offer an unparalleled global forum for the exchange of information
and knowledge among delegates from the fields of research and science, politics and industry through scientific presentations, strategic discussions and education
programmes. With this in mind, I wish WHEC2010 the best of success and our guests from Germany and abroad a pleasant stay in Essen.

Dr. Frank-Michael Baumann
Managing Director of the EnergieAgentur.NRW