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Conference Programme

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The objective of the 18th World Hydrogen Energy Conference is to promote hydrogen technologies and to identify scientific and strategic issues in the field of hydrogen and fuel cells, giving answers based on the most advanced state of the art in science and engineering. Decision makers in politics, industry, research, and finance will be addressed in dedicated strategic sessions on day one of the conference. Contributions from international experts will focus on the role and path of hydrogen in the energy economy. The major share of the programme is dedicated to the presentation of cutting-edge research and development on hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. A broad range of topics will be covered, including basic research, systems development and hydrogen technology deployment and also political implications. The respective sessions will feature an introductory review lecture providing expert information on the state of the art. New materials and design concepts, modelling and physico-chemical processes are focal points in the conference programme. Recent progress will be presented for fuel cell applica­tions in transport and stationary power generation as well as existing and emerging markets for fuel cells and for hydrogen safety research.

New findings in strategic and socioeconomic analyses will be covered. At a training and information event on hydrogen and fuel cells, students from schools and universities and teachers will be provided with first-hand information. Advanced technologies, qualifications, career choices, and educational opportunities will be presented. The IPHE Global School Student Competition will be the highlight of this part of the conference programme.

The WHEC2010 programme will be complemented by an international exhibition of advanced hydrogen and fuel cell technologies, including ride & drive events. The exhibition will be open to the public on one day of the conference. On the last conference day, technical tours will be offered to provide an insight into the hydrogen and fuel cell facilities in North Rhine-Westphalia and Germany as a whole. The conference will also address the broader public with a comprehensive accompanying programme. The purpose of this is to demonstrate this new and prosperous technology in conjunction with the activities relating to Essen as the European Capital of Culture 2010.

Special Projects WHEC2010:

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